Sean Ashe: Memory Lane (Guitar Playthrough)

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"Memory Lane" - Flux (2016) - Guitar Playthrough

Sean Ashe - Guitars, Drums, Engineering, Mixing, Video Editing
Christopher Johnson - Rhythm Guitars, Bass

Mastering by Jeremy Krull (Strategic Sonics)

Helen Craighead (Nebula Imagery Productions) - Camera 1 + Gimbal
Chloe Morris ( @boundbyinfluence ) - Paintings

I proudly use and endorse Tom Anderson Guitarworks guitars, and Mesa/Boogie amps. In this video I am using my Icon S, and Chris is on his Guardian Angel. All guitars are running through a Mesa JP2C, which is being loaded down by a Universal Audio OX into their greenback cab.

Sean Ashe - Memory Lane (Guitar Playthrough)