Al Joseph: Album Pack Promo | FREE Solo Tutorial for "The Epicoustic"

For Hyvmine, when it comes to making music it's all about creating the ultimate experience and one thing we sure wish we had growing up was a wide variety of ways to get inside the minds of our favorite artists. Well today you will get that opportunity.

Welcome to our Album Pack Collection!

Packed with hours of HD video, backing tracks, tablature/notation, and more, these packs are curated to give you our perspective on instrumental techniques and songwriting strategies. This is an exciting time for music and we are honored to give to you all who have been keeping an eye on us throughout the year.

Now, this pack comes with only the Epicoustic solo section so if you want the entire EP of Fight Or Flight or any other particular song in full on tutorial you can visit !

We hope this gives you some clarity and most of all the inspiration to create music. Remember if you have any questions hit me up here or on Instagram and always give our videos a like and a follow if you haven’t already!


AJ from Hyvmine

Album Pack Promo | FREE Solo Tutorial for "The Epicoustic"