Chris Brooks: Sweeping Picking Speed Strategies for 7-string Guitar -

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Arpeggios are such a crucial part of fretboard mapping and lick creation that I wanted to do a deep dive into the 7-string format of arpeggios in Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for 7-String Guitar. You won't just get one minor shape, one major shape etc. - you'll get an entire fretboard of every important arpeggio, formatted in a way that will help you apply picking templates to a bucket load of logical geometry that I've spent decades honing and tweaking.

Arpeggios alone won't get you far if you don't have the mechanical foundations for perfect sweep picking, so you get all of that too. You'll master concepts like rest strokes, upscaping and downscaping, ascending, descending and bi-directional sweep picking systems with drills that build your technique from 2 strings to 7.

As usual, audio and backing tracks are yours whether you buy the Paperback, PDF or Kindle. I'm convinced that this is a thorough textbook that will benefit the experienced, the inexperienced and the educators out there looking for a no holds barred approach to extended-range arpeggios. Check it out today at Amazon or Fundamental Changes!

Sweeping Picking Speed Strategies for 7-string Guitar - Chris Brooks