Shred Collab: Vol 3 (2020)

I am so excited and glad to release Shred Collab Vol 3. First of all, I would like to thank every single person who participated! Thanks for making it possible guys! It was great to work with all of you talented gems. I wouldn’t have done it without your hard work and support!
It has been a tremendous journey. I started creating content in May 2019, I never thought I would come this far, I would like to thank all the players who have been a part of all my collab videos. This is my 4th Collab video. I hope you guys like it!

Until next time, enjoy!
Backing Track by: N&M Creations: Ünal: Nagle: Ali: Insight: Bailey: McNally: Castro: Hopper: Mancini: Fencke: Christine: Stefanello: Muhammad: Stolzer-Gary: JD: Phillips: Venegas: Matinez: Abendroth: Ferreira: Rodrigues: Oliveira: Carey: Briggs: Nystrom: Frontini: Saba: Tchoi: Dada: Legacy: Ramo: Hauser: Ahmed:

Shred Collab Vol 3 (2020)