Darren Newitt, Carl Wragg: Swappers Eleven - From A Distance (Album Teaser)

RELEASED 27/07/2020

produced by Swappers Eleven
mixed by Neil Lough at Gorilla HQ
mastered by Jon Astley at Close to the Edge

Alessandro Carmassi (Italy) - vocals
Gary Foalle (UK) - bass, acoustic and electric guitars, backing vocals
Luiz Alvim (Brazil) - keyboards, electric guitars and backing vocals

Michelle Aragon (EUA) - vocals
tracks 4,5,7
Ian Humphrey (UK) - vocals
track 4
Daniel van der Weijde (Netherlands) - guitar solo
track 3
Darren Newitt (UK) - guitar solo
track 4
Carl Wragg (UK) - guitar solo
track 2
Dave Wruck (EUA) - keyboard solo and additional strings
track 8
Will Addicts (France) - keyboard solo and additional keys
track 5
Rik van Dommelen (Netherlands) - bass
track 8
José Luis Ramos (Chile) - bass
track 5
Neil Lough (UK) - fretless bass
track 7
Marcin Sosnowski (Poland) - sax
tracks 2,3
Rafael Marcolino (Brazil) - drums
tracks 3,4,6
Enrico Rossetti (Italy) - drums
tracks 5,8
Arild Broter (Norway) - drums
tracks 1, 2

SWAPPERS ELEVEN was formed by three winners of Marillion’s Swap The Band contest. Recruiting other Swap The Band winners to make guest appearances, an impressive lineup of 17 musicians from 9 countries were assembled. Featuring 4 minute rockers to multi movement prog epics , the debut album FROM A DISTANCE is released by Oskar Records on 27th July 2020 and available on all popular streaming services.



Contact: swapperselevenband@gmail.com

Swappers Eleven - From A Distance (Album Teaser)