Keven Eknes: Wanna play "outside"? Try this insane lick!

What is up fam! Out with this new lesson as this topic seemed to be of interest on patreon at least. Please let me know if you enjoy these kinds of lessons or more conceptual things. Feedback is really the only reference I get to what you guys enjoy. Have fun with this WILD arpeggio, I definitely make love to it a bit too much lol.

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0:00 - Intro Demonstrating the Lick
0:33 - Backstory
1:27 - The Lick
1:59 - Visualization
3:02 - Theoretical Applications to the Key center
4:03 - b9 / Phrygian
4:46 - M3 / Phrygian Dominant and Super Locrian
5:44 - bb7 or M13 / Half-Whole Scale
6:05 - Tritone Climbing
6:54 - Diminished Triads Climbing
7:45 - Transpose for that m7b5 sound
8:50 - Motivic Development
9:17 - Exercises
10:12 - Last Words

Wanna play "outside"? Try this insane lick!