Henrik Linder, Carl Mörner Ringström: Henrik Linder and The Effect - mini-concert

This live video recording took place at Backline STHLM in Stockholm on January 13, 2021 featuring Henrik Linder, the bass player from Dirty Loops, with a fusion project called The Effect. The Effect is a trio including Henrik, drummer Jonathan Lundberg, and guitarist Carl Mörner Ringström.

The whole set was recorded in one take (the first take). No overdubs. No cuts.

Track listing:
1.The Fine Line Between Hope And Anxiety (Carl Mörner Ringström) 0:00​
2. I Was Never Really Cut Out To Be Valedictorian, But Still, It’s The End Of Semester And Here I Stand (Carl Mörner Ringström) 7:25​
3. Läpparnas Bekännelse (Carl Mörner Ringström) 15:15​
4. Nebula (Jonathan Lundberg) 21:48​

All songs used with permission from the songwriters.
Sound by Varg Lund
Camera by Sandy Arufors
Video editing & grading by Fabian Rosenberg (växthuset studios)
Production Managers at Backline STHLM: Richard Gustafsson and Danne McKenzie
Presented by EBS Sweden AB in co-operation with Backline STHLM Sessions

The EBS bass rig in this video consists of the EBS 802 amplifier with ProLine 410 cabinets.
Visit https://www.ebssweden.com​ for more details.

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Henrik Linder and The Effect - mini-concert