Tom Quayle: The State of Modern Fusion + Virtuosic Legato Technique - Streetwise Guitar

The State of Modern Fusion is something Tom and I both wax on for ages. Herein, Tom and I talk about modern fusion, music school, solo guitar playing and more.
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The State of Modern Fusion | Tom Quayle
If you thought that you could never develop virtuosic Legato technique, you're wrong! Tom Quayle, One of the most prominent modern fusion guitarist, makes it all possible. He addresses overcoming the lack of control that most guitarists battle with. Tom Shows you how to play 16th notes using two strings In a way that really let you control the time!
Everybody knows about Tom's progress on the guitar, but few know about his prowess as a teacher! I've been a university professor for over 30 years and in my estimation he is an absolute fabulous teacher who has solidified a brilliant method.
In the early days of YouTube, Tom is already making tutorials. His virtuosic Legato technique is so well known throughout the world, that Ibanez has made him his own model Guitar! This video is not about legato fusion guitar licks, but instead how to develop virtuosic technique!
If you ever wondered how to play legato guitar, Now is the time to get your Guitar and start learning from the very best! Since you cannot book that, "Tom Quayle Lesson" In person, Simply grab your guitar and Let's get started. You're about to learn some of the greatest legato guitar technique exercises.

Virtuosic Legato Technique | Tom Quayle Makes it All Possible