Michael Angelo Batio, Rusty Cooley: Guitar Autopsy - Episode 10

its subgenres such as neoclassical metal, and speed metal.
Batio has an advanced knowledge of music theory, having a deep understanding of complex scale combinations and time signatures which assist him in his compositions.
He is widely known for his technical mastery of the fretboard and his extremely fast picking and sweep picked arpeggios. He is also known for his showmanship during performances, particularly his use of the "Over-Under" technique, and for his ability to play a double-necked and quad-necked guitar, using both hands to play.
Batio is also noted for his guitar instruction DVDs in the "Speed Kills" series which teach shred guitar techniques and how to "master the art of playing lightning fast".
Batio was voted the "No. 1 Fastest Guitar Shredder of All Time" by Guitar One Magazine in 2003"

Guitar Autopsy - Episode 10 (Feat. Michael Angelo Batio)