George Lynch: Let me play the blues!

From the July 2022 issue of Young Guitar "Kill the Blues !!", a blues solo demonstration video by five popular guitarists from YG has been released! Each of them (basically) plays the 12-bar blues twice as they like according to the backtrack prepared by the editorial department. In addition, the magazine also publishes a playing style analysis that selects interesting parts from these solos. Please refer to it and incorporate it into your own blues play! ★ George Lynch George Lynch is a user of original techniques that attracts listeners while freely spreading his musicality. The axis of the unexpected sound change is the blues. The solo that he showed off is a play based on his unique chord interpretation. I would like you to enjoy the master-style blues solo, which has a "likeness" in Jack Off Vibrato. ===== Let me play the blues! ==== 🎸 Doug Aldrich

ジョージ・リンチ:俺にブルースを弾かせろ! 独自のコード解釈による巨匠式ブルース・ソロを堪能!