Tsutomu Kurihara: lu7 :luna umegaki

Tsutomu Kurihara: lu7 :luna umegaki

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You can also check out two sample tracks fromn the LU7 CD collection.

Flying seed

An interview on "Nucleusprog" an Argentinian progressive web site.

Lu7 is a Japanese music group, formed by Tsutomu Kurihara, guitar and Luna Umegaki, keyboards. This is not a normal shredder, The band use imaginative sounds to colour their music. Tsutomu is a player who selects his sound palette to paint the music for the listener.

Many of the tracks drip with Tsumotos's fluid legato lines and are well worth a listen. Ccheck out 12th tree (rm) or Blue planet (rm) from their Efflorescence album for examples.

You can also check out their imaginative web site http://www.crysta.jp/lu7/e/index.html to find out more about this band.

You can check out real media samples and buy both their CD's online: