Craig Erickson: the red house of blue fusion

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Craig Erikson's CD - Big Highway is available from Grooveyard Records.

tribute to Shawn Lane 1

tribute to Shawn Lane 2

redhouse fusion blues

who knows

hide with you


she's so sweet


Craig Erikson was born in America.His father was a jazz guitarist and his mother a piano instructor. Craig began playing with his first band at age 13, covering rock tunes. Craig's musical interest however included progressive rock, fusion, funk, and blues.

Craig spent most of the '80's teaching over 40 students a week and recording his own material. Craig was then discovered by both Guitar Magazine editor, John Stix and Shrapnel Records head, Mike Varney, signing a 4 record deal with Varney in the early 1990's. His first album, Roadhouse Stomp, was recorded in San Francisco and featured the voice of rock...Glenn Hughes. Craig co-wrote most of the songs on Glenn's 1 st comeback CD, Glenn Hughes Blues.

He went on to record and number of other solo CD's for Blue Bureau International and toured Europe, France, England and the finally back to the US with Trapeze.

He took a rest and then signed to Grooveyard records and has recently been playing in Europe again. Check out his web site for a Discography and shop plus a summary of CD's available from guitar9