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Your chance to won a piece of history with the last release from Liquid Note Records. It may be the last, but it does not skimp on guitar quality with beautifully constructed songs and tasty guitar playing on The Guitar Diaries. Rosqvist delivers in spades with this long awaited guitar masterpiece. Look for an interview with the very talented Stefan Rosqvist in the next couple of weeks. Buy the cd online

Guitar9 says:
Reuniting with respected Swedish session guitarist, Bo Eriksson (Ominox), Stefan Rosqvist has moulded an incredible CD full of some of the most haunting, powerful, joyous and heartbreaking instrumental melodies you're likely to hear in quite some time. In collaboration with the aforementioned Eriksson - not to mention a plethora of players such as Christofer Malmstrom (Darkane), Chris Schleyer (Nine Inch Nails), Phi Yaan-Zek and Lalle Larson (Ominox/Electrocution 250) - The Guitar Diaries is going to turn heads for sure. If you've become jaded by all these lightning-fast, super-saavy shredders and long for mature musicianship, rock solid, emotional melodies and... well, just great playing, then you're in for a treat with The Guitar Diaries. There's something for every taste on this album, with the emphasis slap-bang on melody, production, composition and evolving moods. With solid rocking support from powerhouse drummer, Peter Wildoer (Darkane/Electrocution 250) and bassist Joakim Attoff, we promise that this is one hell of a CD for Liquid Note Records to go out on!

The Guitar Diaries
Track listing:
05:29 Fallen Heroes
03:21 Singlemalt
06:11 UPS
03:40 Mr. Agfog
06:15 The Still
05:31 Through Their Eyes
09:02 Decisions
04:01 J.D.
04:03 Trail From The Past


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