Dimitar Nalbantov: mother earth released

Dimitar Nalbantov says:
After a long two years, I have finally finished my new songs in an album called "Mother Earth".

The idea for the album and the songs came from the problems with global
warming and the planet being destroyed by ourselves... I have no intention to preach Green Peace ideas, but I do not deny that I am passionate about these problems. I decided to connect my art with this theme which has to be the most important in the public space.. (I dream it). That is how the name of the album was born.

The album is entirely composed, recorded and mixed by me. It contains 11 songs again that are arranged thematically.

Described with several words, this is the well-known style of my music. I have always given meaning to the details in music, not just achieving my goals through technical matters.

The album is recorded fully in a software environment, and the only "live" instruments are the guitar and the bass guitar. All the rest are samplers and software synthesizers. For the drums I used EZdrummer® , XLN Audio - Addictive Drums and Steven Slate 2.0 drum samples. All the guitars are recorded with
software amp simulators, for example: Revalver MK II and Revalver MK3, Aradaz Green and Crunch free ware vst amps Nick Crow Simple Guitar Combo and Juicy 77 Hi Gain Amp.

All the rest of fx used for the mixing come from my Cubase 4, many Voxengo plugins, Schwa Plugins and a lot of free ware plugins. I did the mastering by myself too, using Cubase 4 again with the help of Nebula 3 plugin including some of the greatest sampled mastering EQ devices. I used Glip cliper for level maximizing and Voxengo Elephant 2 for limiting. I know it would probably have been better to have someone else do it, but that was the situation and I had to make it by myself.

You can hear samples at my web site http://www.nalbantov.com/. There are also two full songs. I hope you will like the music made by me! With much respect,