Lalle Larsson: seven deadly pieces


Lalle Larsson posted his September news letter. His long awaited DVD is approaching, featuring a wealth of well known guitar players:

Lalle says:
A concert in seven movements, for chamber orchestra and electric guitars, based on the seven deadly sins. Recorded and premiered at The Henry Dunker Culture Center in Helsingborg, Sweden October 6, 2002 with help from members of the metal band Darkane. Directed by Lalle Larsson, Johan Larsson and Per Christoffersson, this magical live event is presented as seven differently themed videos reflecting the traits of each sin.

Lalle Larsson - A Portrait: A special in-depth 50 min documentary ‘ Lalle Larsson: A Portrait’ , about Lalle and his music.


- Interviews with Todd Duane (E-250), Peter Wildoer (E-250, Darkane), composer/guitarist Phi Yaan-Zek, Matt Williams (Liquid Note Records), guitarist Richard Hallebeek, drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen, marimba soloist Thomas Widlund, and Jonas Reingold (Flower Kings, Karmakanic).

- Live clips taken throughout Larsson's 15+ year recording career from Ominox, Marimba Flesheaters, and RHP, to exclusive concert footage with Karmakanic in Europe and at the Philadelphia ROSFEST. - A fifteen minute feature on the writing and performance of the groundbreaking Seven Deadly Pieces concert.

Stills Gallery
Piano solos close ups
Stefan Rosqvist: The disappearing guitar solo
Audio Commentaries in both Swedish and English
(featuring Lalle Larsson, Peter Wildoer, Stefan Rosqvist, Christofer Malmström, Johan Larsson.)

Piano & marimba music live:(Lalle Larsson & Thomas Widlund playing)
Electric Lobster Marimba Sandwich
Marimba Flesheaters

40 minutes of old Ominox footage filmed with a home video camera.

Ominox - 1993
Ominox - 1994

Karmakanic live solos taken from tours in Europe and USA (20 minutes)
We are expecting a master DVD this week and then it is straight off to a pressing plant. Pre-order page and a new trailer coming soon. The first 100 pre-orders will get a special bonus CD and a special 10 page full colour promo booklet.

Other news:

Ron Coolen has organized support for ALS diseased guitarist Jason Becker via the foundation of a volunteer and nonprofit organization early 2008. The money that is generated from this auction or sale will be used to support the care of Jason Becker. So you will be able to help Jason significantly by making a generous bid.