Kosta Vreto: skin on strings available now!

Release Date: September 29, 2008 for “Skin On Strings”:
"Kosta Vreto is a guitar hero from Thessaloniki, Hellas. A finger-picked emotional instrumental masterpiece! Debut album packed with special guests."

All who want buy Kosta Vreto's CD can send an email to kostas@steelgallery.com with subject: KOSTA VRETO. You will given a paypal account to deposit money and the CD will be sent immediately.

Track Listing:

1. Desert Tears 5:05
2. A Place To Call Home 5:17
3. Never Again 6:57
4. Namarie 3:58
5. A New Tomorrow 4:16
6. Love For Sale 5:25
7. Sunday Morning 1:26
8. Heartbreak Highway 5:19
9. As Time Passes By 3:52
10. Last Words 1:31
11. Skin On Strings 5:38
12. The Way She Moves 1:11

Kosta Vreto: Guitars
Kostas Scandalis: Bass
Stergios Kourou: Drums
Sakis Bandis: Keyboards

Theodore Ziras (Theodore Ziras)
Alex Flouros (Fragile Vastness)
Ioanis Anastassakis (Ioanis Anastassakis)
Kostas Domenikiotis (Uthull, Stargate)
Vassilios Topalides (Horizon’s End)

"A great player with all the right ingredients - tone, phrasing, melody, technique. A talented well-rounded player."

RON THAL (Bumblefoot-Guns N' Roses)

"This is one of the craziest things I've seen in my life. Amazing player, one of the best I know."

ROB MARCELLO (Danger Danger)

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