Jason Becker: new abc video interview


Paralyzed guitarist with ALS plays on a Dan Ashley interview for ABC 7 News:
Jason worked on the new music for the last three years with his friend and producer Dan Alvarez.

Again, they composed at a computer, but this time Jason had to relay his ideas through his father or another interpreter. Big name guitarists including Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and many others played for the actual recording. Jason even worked in some sound from his ventilator.

Interpreter: "When I took years off from making music, I didn't think I missed it, but working with Dan and other musicians has been like a drug, only a good one."

"He's become a deeper person. I think he's matured as a creative force," said Dan Alvarez, a music producer.

Jason is 39 years old now. His health has stabilized, and while he doesn't get any better, at least he's not getting any worse.

Dan Ashley: "That's really encouraging news, isn't it?"

Interpreter: "Big time."

Jason just finished designing a signature guitar that will be on the market soon and he's working on an autobiography.

Of course, for all these projects during the last 20 years, he relies on his caretakers, friends and family who never give up.

"It's hard work for him. It's hard work for everybody, but we are riding on his energy. If he didn't want to, we couldn't do it," said Gary.

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