Mats Hedberg: big bad wolf

Mats Hedberg is back with a new project, Vargton Projekt
Wolf (in german varg) also called "Vargton" , usually performs on string instruments, localized to a certain "tone" or "note" (on violins usually on the G-string)the note gives a low mumble or screaming or barking sound.Wolf (Vargton)is a major malfunction from the instruments body , when playing the W ,. note , it gives a non pleasant resonance that disturbs the "real" public normal resonance.

morgan agren & mats hedberg live in studio 2008 vargtonprojekt Tokeri 1

Expect a cd Vargton Projekt out in 2009 featuring :

Mats Hedberg
Morgan Ågren
Björn Jansson
Hans Lundin
Alessandro Gwis
Giovanni Imparato
Fabrizio Sciannameo
Lorenzo Feliciati