Paul Gilbert: solid rock interview

Another Paul Gilbert interview as spotted by the rather wonderful Jenn over at metalchika

Paul Gilbert: It’s funny. I’ve thought about it, cause I always get that question and I get a lot of questions about Racer X doing a new album. And I finally think I’ve found a good answer for it, which is I very well might be planning all kinds of things but I’m not going to tell you until it’s done. It’s sort of like a birthday present for somebody. I wanna get it wrapped up and ready to go. It’s like this album with Freddie.

I started planning it a year ago, actually right after I finished “Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar” album. I had Freddie fly out and we wrote a couple of songs together and I knew we were going to do an album. But I didn’t want to tell anybody until it was done. Make sure we could actually do it, find out what it’s going to be. Then I could talk about it intelligently. And there’s an album ready to come out. Where if I say “Well, in two years from now we might…” to me I’m just getting people’s hopes up....

Paul Gilbert: Well, Billy Joe from Green Day I thought was great. When I saw him on TV playing on the Tonight Show and he had this huge tone, obviously he’s not a flashy lead player but his rhythm playing is stunning. And I saw Green Day live and it killed me. It was really really great. He’s one of my favourites. And on YouTube of course there’s all kinds of people. There’s a guy called Guthrie Govan who’s amazing. I’m trying to think. It’s funny cause the people who I consider to be new, to me Eric Johnson I still think of a being a new guitar player, to me anything like post 1985 is kind of new and I love Eric Johnson. I don’t really listen to that much guitar music. Actually Joe Bonamassa is really good as well. And I’m sure there’s more that I’m just forgetting. But I hardly ever listen to music anywhere. I was thinking about it the other day. I used to listen to music all the time but I think because my ears are bad I just wanna to keep as much silence in my ears as possible.

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