Flash Bathory: the girl in red rests in peace

It is one of those sad says where something unexpected happens. I was looking through the links in my google notebook to select from my list another player to add. When I came across a link to Flash Bathory... a young girl who liked to play guitar. However to my dismay I discovered that she passed away late last year. So this post is a retrospective for a talented teenage. My condolences to the family.

Flashes parent says:
Flash passed away on 3 September 2008 due to unspecified causes. Alot of folks have been thinking that either this is a rumor or a falsehood but alas I am writing this to verify that unfortunately this is true. Flash is no longer with us in body but her spirit will always live in everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her. She truly enriched the lives of those around her through her love of music and her love of her family and friends. CD sales at the present time are being suspended as our family deals with this tragedy but her father has stated that future sales of CD's will be available. A memorial tribute is being planned by many but at this time we cannot specify a date, city or venue where this will be taking place. We do not know how long we will be able to edit this page to update her circle of myspace friends but we are sure that the word will eventually get out to the masses through the network of myspace friends who were closest to Flash.

Flashes MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/flashbathory

Flash Bathory - "Running Red Lights" [Edit]

Flash Bathory - Tregan Guitars - NAMM 2008

Flash Bathory began strumming at age 13, rapidly picking up techniques without any formal training including sweeping arpeggios, 8-finger tapping and slide guitar. By 16, her passion led to lessons with virtuoso Mike Guerrero (Deathriders, Hellion, Carmine Appice), helping to refine her raw talent into a speedy, precise hybrid of neoclassical metal leads (ala Randy Rhoads) and agressive punk pulsings in the vein of The Misfits. Flash was first endorsed at age 15 by Minarik Guitars, followed by Tregan Guitars, Coffin Case, Luna Guitars and AXL. In 2002, 203 and 2006 she hit the road for Warped Tour playing her own solo set, as well as guest spots for New Found Glory, Sugarcult, Vendetta Red and many others.

At 18 Flash has completed her first EP of original compositions, “Scars and Bruises.” ..

Pictures with Michael Angelo Batio


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