Krzysztof Misiak: 3 soldiers of jazz

Krzysztof Misiak has a new band MySpace:
With the power of google translate:
3 Soldiers Jazz is a new musical project, which is a voluntary association of lovers of improvised music and improvisation music indeed. Krzysztof Misiak formed trio (guitar, leader), Filip Sojka (bass) and Grzegorz Grzyb (drums). Team is based mainly on their own repertoire of original arrangements of classic genre pieces, whether jazz vein (Jean Pierre, Summertime), blues (Little Wing, Servin 'It Up) and rock ((I Can not Get No) Satisfaction, Norwegian Wood, Get Back) and washed with copyright works (Sen Wikarego - F. Sojka, Blues 816 - K. Misiak, Bad Leutnant - F. Sojka). Excellent skills of musicians in the consequences of unlimited creative sounds, which travel in different regions of the frontier nasyceń and dynamic styles. The power of communication, self-expression and language of expression is a 3 Jazz Soldiers abandon their stage, the positive energy, irreproachable performance and modern sound. Thus, they provide customers niebywałych impressions. Musicians are not beginners in our market, and their names and activities of the music is fine and perfectly associated.

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Jean Pierre