Buby Guerra: RIP god rest your soul

I had the pleasure to meet Buby Guerra when his son won the 2008 guitar idol final. He was a gentle kind soul, who loved his son immensely. No words can express this tragic loss and my thoughts and condolences are with Gustavo Guerra and his family and friends. A big thanks to Sergio who let me know about Buby Guerra

As a tribute here is his own sons moving track

Gustavo Guerra: my wife

Buby Guerra, Gustavo Guerra jam on a track together.

Que nena sos vos?

Gustavo and Buby Guerra in London!!!!!!!

London part 7

Buby's YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/BubyGuerra

Muris Varajic:
Ohhh, such a horrible loss, my truly condolences to Guerra family and their friends. Buby was a very kind person, God blesses his soul,
RIP Buby, you'll be missed.

Lyle Watt:
This really is a tragic loss. I too had the pleasure of meeting Buby at the Guitar Idol final. He and Gustavo even stayed in the same hotel as us! He was an extremely kind man, who I was glad to call a friend. RIP Buby.

James Edwards: "
Buby Guerra: RIP god rest your soul": Buby was indeed a very kind man, with an infectious enthusiasm which was evident for all to see. Condolences from all of us over at Guitar Idol

Alejandro Osorno:
Its so sad, I am really shocked! My dearest condolences to the Guerra family. He will be missed greatly. RIP Buby Guerra

Pipe Bueno:
Gustavo My heartfelt condolences on the passing of your father, was a very gentle person, I had the opportunity to speak on 2 occasions, my heartfelt condolences to the Guerra family

Eric Maldonado:
Wow...I got the news from Gustavo on Sunday and was just stunned. I had the pleasure of meeting them both at NAMM 2009 and they were amazing people. Buby was an extremely kind man and friend to my family. I am so happy I got to meet them,eat with them and show them the sites of LA when they came. Gustavo and Buby even gave me a lesson on guitar, I will never forget it. Buby was always one of the first commenting on my youtube videos after we met and still to 2 weeks ago he did so. I will never forget him. My regards to the Guerra family.

Buby Guerra will not be forgotten, EVER.

R.I.P Buby, my friend

Lorenzo Gottardo:
Condolences to Gustavo and his family. We also met last year Buby Guerra. A friendly person, who was very fond of music !
Lorenzo and Andrea Gottardo

Jad Nasr:
God Bless his soul, my condolences to Guerra family.


  1. Conrad Harpham17/09/2009, 16:19

    Many Condolences on your loss Gustavo, God bless to you and your family.


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