Gustavo Guerra: devastated by the loss of Buby

Gustavo Guerra in happier times... I have been following Gustavo's posts on Orkut, thanks to Sergio Shishito. You'll need to translate from Portuguese as it is Brazilian:

Gustavo Guerra says:
Sorry I have to take time on guitar GG
Come on .... most painful of my life I lost my old .... the Old Buby
he was the reason of my life without this will be ... I will be away for a tepo the guitar because I play guitar for him ... him to be proud of me ....

Naum know if I will definitely stop .... I will miss some 30 days and I will see OQ life .... is still playing the guitarrinha or I will try with another life!


Unconditional love him .... AND two were An army of 2 .... he always was with me at all recordings ... show .. and everything works .... I did that oppose him ... and now without my dad's heart naum OQ know I do ....

I'm at the bottom of the well .... Q naum know how!

if my decision is back playing with the same claw back .... or if I leave everything (Guitar)

I apologize to all and thank you for everything!

Gustavo G.

I know that Buby would have wanted his son to continue, he was so proud of what Gustavo had achieved, what father could not be?! We here at Truth In Shredding send our best wishes to Gustavo at this difficult time. I know how difficult this can feel, but life will roll on, it is inevitable, the circle of life continues... Best Wishes Gustavo


More best wishes posted on face book from fans, players and people who met Buby at guitar idol 2008 including Daniele Gottardo's father Lorenzo, all translated and added to my tribute to Buby: