Rob Chappers: guitar hub needs you!

A great new web site:

Welcome to G | H, a place for guitarists to get news, reviews and unboxings to help you make your next purchase.

Through unboxings, text and video reviews and feedback we hope that G | H becomes your first port of call for all your gear needs.

Our aim is to make Guitarist Hub a place where musicians can go to and get the latest news and detailed, honest reviews written buy our team of experts. Through unboxings, reviews and feedback you will be safe in the knowledge that you can make your next purchase with the confidence that you have done your research first.

Lee Peterson

Guitarist Hub was founded by Brit Picks endorsee Lee Peterson.

Lee is an instrumental guitarist based in the UK, who has also worked on:

Now The Rob Chappers bit:
Hi all, I've lined up an interview with YouTube guitarist guru Rob Chapman (

Rob has been endorsed by Orange, ESP, PRS and Marshall and has also just signed up for his own signature model, the ML1.

Rob has been a big influence on my internet efforts and I hope to ask some really great questions, this is where the community comes in.

I want you to submit any questions that you would like me to ask Rob in the comments section of this page, you have until the 5th Oct.

Thanks and please participate to make this a great interview.

Rob Chapman