Gannin Arnold: not from here

From the opening throes of Tim Landers’ pulsing bass and Jimmy Chamberlin’s tribal linearisms, it’s clear we’re on the march.
Gannin’s at the head of the line, setting pace with biting, weaving lines that rise, float, and then dive-bomb the Assembled. It’s an exhilarating rush and channeling of great guitar instrumentalists who’ve cleared this road:
The sweeping grandeur of Eric Johnson (“Blue Ships,” “America”). The blistering bite of Vai (El Nino). Satriani’s soaring lyricism and Jeff Beck’s rhythmic twists and occasional melancholia.
Through the duration and with minimal exception, Gannin remains faithful to the trinity of guitar, bass and drums.
And here’s the dirty secret: this is really a drummer’s album, as Gannin has assembled some of the most tasteful and assertive kit artists in contemporary music. Taylor Hawkins. Stephen Perkins. Simon Phillips. Pat Mastelotto and Tris Imboden, the latter whom turns in a furious performance on “1981.”
Drummers for both Jane’s Addiction and Mr. Mister on the same record? Indeed. This is not your average L.A. guitarist’s solo stroke.

Written By Dan Frio

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Not From Here features: Jimmy Chamberlin, Taylor Hawkins, Stephen Perkins, Simon Phillips, Gary Novak, Drew Hester, Nate Wood, Tris Imboden, Pat Mastelotto, Tony Levin, Rudy Sarzo, Chris Chaney, Billy Mohler, Melvin Lee Davis, Tim Landers, Michael Ruff, and Tony Guerrero.

Guitarist Gannin Arnold live with Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) on drums and Chris Chaney on bass

FPE-TV Gannin Arnold Taylor Hawkins Chris Chaney Live


  1. Gannin sounds amazing! Great band!


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