Kaki King: i heart guitar interview

Kaki King is sleepy. She’s only been in bed a few hours after a gig the night before (in Freiberg, Germany), but she has to wake up ridiculously early to field interviews from the Australian press about her new CD, Junior. But buoyed by a great run of shows with her trio, who are really in their groove at the moment, King is in as chirpy a mood as one could possibly summon at such an ungodly hour. “We were having a good time last night, we all tied one on and, my god, I probably didn’t got to bed until three hours ago!”

Much has been made of the pessimistic theme running through the album’s song titles: The Betrayer, Falling Day, My Nerves That Committed Suicide, Death Head. “There’s no lyrical theme at all, but there’s a theme within the titles,” King concedes. “During the making of Junior, I was pretty physically and mentally depressed, and I was physically sick and I didn’t know it. It was really, really dumb – I had an undiagnosed sinus infection and it could have been very easily cleared up, but I had crap coming out of my ears, I had headaches, migraines, couldn’t work some days, and I was emotionally upset about a break-up I’d been through. This was the second time in two years going to Malcolm Burns’ house and working on an album while suffering through a break-up. It was like, ‘This is crap!’ I just couldn’t believe it. It was utterly gutting, like, ‘Is this going to be the cycle for the rest of my life?’ It was unbelievable. So the titles of the songs reflect some of that darker feeling and darker imagery. Some of the songs are deeply honest and open about my personal life, and others are just ‘we wrote a song!’”
full interview: http://iheartguitarblog.com/2010/04/kakiking.html