Marcel Coenen,Gianluca Ferro,Borge Olzen,Jonas Tamas, Phi Yaan-Zek,Achilleas Diamantis: OSV 3 virtuoso guitar work and amazing keys

Check out this cracking new release, an all Instrumental Progressive Fusion CD with dynamic songwriting, soaring melodies and amazing guitar/keyboard solos.

The third release from OSV is a must have for fans of virtuoso guitar work and amazing keys! OSV "Chapter 3" features the up and coming brilliant keyboardist Sergy Boykov and some of the best guitarist on the planet! Featured guitarist include Marcel Coenen, Achilleas Diamantis, Gianluca Ferro, Borge Olzen, Jonas Tamas and Phi Yaan-Zek!! Get ready to be totally blown away by soaring melodies and ear popping solos all in the context of very dynamic songwriting! WARNING!!! Not for the faint of heart!!

Get your copy or listen to samples:

OSV chapter 3 - promo video

O S V "Chapter 3" Now Available!! | MySpace Music Videos


  1. This CD is SMOKING HOT!!!!!! One of the best guitar albums I have ever heard!!

  2. Yes I can vouch for that. All three OSV CD's are awesome vehicles for guitar wonderfulness! The production is tight and the playing right up there with some of the best player around. Check them all out, well worth the money.


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