Sloth Chubsteen: Fireball100 heavy collab... another example of guitar 2.0

This is a collaboration (first ever!) that I did with my friend Sloth. He does the shredding on the first part of the song, and I riff the rest of the song. We had fun! Backing track can be found here: "7 String Metal March"

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BGM at end of video: "The Senseless" by Trond Vold

Trond Vold is an instructor at This site is a great way to take online guitar lessons; taught by many experienced instructors of all playing styles. There's a chat where you can chat with other GMC:ers and Instructors. Very often an instructor will do a video chat with students. Please visit this website; it costs nothing to browse. When you become a member you gain access to all the lessons, forums, and get to interact in the chat room! It's so awesome! I'm a member there and I am thriving!

Heavy Metal Collab (Sloth & Fireball100)