Ally Salem: her metal pants are going to kick your ass!

- Early Life:
Ally was born in Egypt from a Turkish origins. She started being intensively involved in music since she was 8 " Ever since I was 8, I used to be in the school's band, playing Keyboards. That is when I realized I am not into Keyboards, I am totally into Guitar. I used to grab my sister's classic guitar and try to play whatever comes in my head by ear, then I started playing on a classical guitar around the age of 10, 3 years later I got my first electric guitar and started learning." Ally says about her childhood

- Influences :
Ally is highly into Gary Moore music with some of the 80' Heavy Metal "I am pretty much influenced by Gary Moore mainly. I considered him the extreme turnover in my musical path. Once I started playing his music, something changed in how I see the neck, and how my fingers feel the strings. Let's get a little bit heavier because I am an 80's heavy metal maniac, George Lynch is my other idol, John Norum(Europe), Vinnie Moore and the two amazing female guitarists Jennifer Batten and Jan Kuehnemund " Ally words for Rock Era Mag.

- Music Career :
In 2005, Ally Joined the Girls' band Mascara, performed with them one live show in 2005 @ Sawy's Culture Wheel, then decided to stay off for sometime, studying and practicing music at home, at that time she used to play unplugged live music in a Ladies' Spa.
In 2008, Ally returned to show up again in the music scene with the "Classics Band" Led by Tamer Brazily. Played miny live shows with them, their finest was in Korba Festival May 2008.
In late 2009, Ally got a call from Ahmed Shingy from Silent Echo to join the First Guitar festival among many other fine musicians from Cairo.
In early 2010, Ally performed for Redeemers' Opening act and played along with the band among other talented guitarists in Redeemers' cover"Mortal Kombat".
In March 2010, Ally played with Scorpionism in the "Goodbye Scorpions" event

- Studio Album :
Currently Ally is indulged in ideas, for her first studio album which will introduce her as a singer as well " I already have some compositions, instrumentals and with vocals. I will sing it, as I already sing; I believe no one would be able to sing my lyrics as I do... I will develop it, get it recorded and soon enough you'll be able to hear it " Ally says about her upcoming album.

- Gear:
Guitar: Jackson Dinky DK2M Professional Series/Seymour Duncan Pickups.
Boss Gt-8 Multi-Effects guitar processor.

Metal Pants Solo by Ally Salem