Brett Garsed: Shred Knowledge interview

Ive used a guitar made by Soundworks here in Australia which I used on some of the early Nelson vids.
I used my Steinberger GS on the "Rock Fusion" video and then used my ESP Horizon Custom on the "Rock Improvisation" dvd. I pretty much play that guitar constantly. I'd like to do another dvd focusing on improvisation over changes but to be honest, people like Scott Henderson and Frank Gamable have already done brilliant dvd's about that very subject and are much more qualified to talk about it anyway.

I saw you do a clinic and you used a real cheap amp and still sounded cool , whats your thoughts on valves and transisters?

I really like valve amps because of the way they respond dynamically but hopefully I can pull a half decent tone out of anything. It's just easier with a good tube amp.