Sloth Chubsteen: cranking up the HK to 11

A hot afternoon, a Hughes and Kettner coreblade, ebmm john petrucci signature 2007... what is a man to do... surely turn up and play at stadium volume for all to hear! Sloth Chubsteen, aka burnedoutgolfer... or just plain Manny gives the theory a try.

Trying to use my old dime bag darrel crybaby with the new hughes and kettner coreblade after a hard day at work. My cheap handy cam doesnt do this amp justice it is so dynamic! This is a loop from a jam session a couple weeks ago with some homies. Here's the link if You enjoy 20 minute improvisations, lol. We certainly have fun doing them!
Gear used: Hughes and Kettner Coreblade head, Hughes and Kettner 4x12 CC A3 celestion vintage 30's cabinet, ebmm john petrucci signature 2007 limited edtion guitar, dunlop dimebag darell crybaby, sony handycam

Hughes and Kettner coreblade - funk fusion after work