JP Stratoblogster: Blogger into his 6th year of blogging gets interviewed!

JP Holesworth has been writing Stratoblogster Guitar Blog for 6 years. He is into Fender type guitars and a gear geek in general. His background is hazy at best. His blog features a random assortment of interesting Strat configurations, artist plugs and guitar trivia. And lots of gear pimping too! Beer money!
What relation do you have with music (past-time, passion, a business)?
It’s all of those things. Blogging keeps me interested in playing, and vice versa. I’ve met, and network with interesting artists, writers and gear industry people.
What do you think of the current state of music?
The “state of music” is a very broad subject. Always has been and will be. There are always amazing musicians creating great music. You just have to find them.