Ron Thal: Legendary Rock Interviews

Legendary Rock Interviews: You released 8 albums prior to joining GNR and were on a lot of musician and guitar freaks radar but lot of people know you first and foremost as a guitarist in GNR and have discovered your past and current solo work via the band. Axl seems to be very open to you continuing to work on your own creative ideas which is all most musicians dream of. Is that kind of opportunity like the best of both worlds as an artist?

Ron Thal: Each has something the other doesn’t. I love creating more than anything, and need to write, record, co-write, produce… with my solo music I get to do all that and express myself fully. GNR is a big family, I love them and the experiences and people it’s brought to my life, and having both is absolutely the best of both worlds. I don’t ask either world to be something it isn’t, and accept both as they are, with openness that both will grow in whatever direction they’re meant to. And all is good!