Gianluca Ferro: the album Unheimlich now available via Jam Track Central

Gianluca Ferro Unheimlich

Celebrated Italian guitarist Gianluca Ferro (Doomsword, Time Machine, Heart Of Sun) offers his second solo album, 'Unheimlich.' Taking distinct influences from the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci, prolific Italian guitarist Gianluca Ferro has crafted another winner in his increasingly impressive discography.

Having taken part in progressive metal bands such as Time Machine, Heart of Sun, and Arkhe (among others), Gianluca has been constantly proving his worth as a multi-faceted and talented guitarist. His latest solo album, Unheimlich, shows him in his most comfortable and confident state in his entire career. Taking his influences from the shred-metal scene and seamlessly melding it together with progressive metal and jazz fusion, Gianluca Ferro has created a one-of-a-kind prog metal album that I'd encourage all fans of instrumental music to check out.

The music here is a mixture of progressive rock/metal, jazz fusion, shred metal, and even touches of instrumental thrash metal. Although this doesn't sound like something that's new, Gianluca Ferro manages to combine these sounds into an instrumental mix that's simultaneously enjoyable and original.
This one comes highly recommended to all fans of instrumental jazz- influenced prog metal!