Troy Tipton, Michael Manring, John Onder: Abnormal Thought Patterns - Synesthesia - Bass Heaven!!

Abnormal Thought Patterns – Altered States Of Consciousness
01. Distortions Of Perception
02. Nocturnal Haven (feat. Tommy Rogers / Jeff Loomis)
03. Blindsight
04. Synesthesia (feat. Michael Manring / John Onder)
05. Delusions
06. Nocturnal Haven – Instrumental (feat. Jeff Loomis / Tim Roth)
07. Subliminal Perception

'Synesthesia' is taken from Abnormal Thought Pattern's brand new album "Altered States Of Consciousness" - Out Now on Lifeforce Records!

Guest solos by Michael Manring and John Onder.

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ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS - Synesthesia (official playthrough)