David Wallimann: What Should Guitar Players Practice? - Masterclass Session #11

On today's masterclass I'll help you discover the key to a better practicing routine following these easy steps:

1. Start by improvising over a sustained chord, loop or backing track.

2. Stop when you feel uncomfortable with anything in your playing.

3. Identify the problematic area (if it was your rhythm playing, technique, note choice, etc.)

4. Come up with something similar to what you attempted to play and didn't quite work the first time. Once you are able to reproduce it you can zoom in on what is causing the problem. That should be the first subject of your practicing session.

5. Find similar licks or parts and practice them around the neck until you feel comfortable with that type of phrasing.

6. Go back at the improvising step until you find another area that you need to work on (could be another difficulty or something interesting that you want to explore more) That would be the next subject of your practicing session.

Awareness and honesty about your playing are the key to more productive practice routines.

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What Should Guitar Players Practice? - Masterclass Session #11