Sergey Golovin: Type1Storm - new vocal project from master guitarist

It have finally happened. I am happy to introduce you the brand new project - type1storm! It is a result of collaboration between Alexey Thor (keyboard/vocal) and Sergey Gloving (guitar). Check out our debut single - «Lunar Rays» , we hope you enjoy it!
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Look at the sky
Lunar light dry
It hides behind the roofs, waiting
The moon flies around
Counting our lives
Round and around, fading
All that i wish is fading
Every my dream doesn't matter
Recharging my batteries
Only these lunar rays
Lunar rays...
Remind me, now you're moving the seas
Fill in my spirit
Change my reaction
Drive me insane
And soon
See you at night time
Every day you push my blood into veins
Rise my spirit and give me a new tomorrow
You will slake my thirst of adrenaline
Wake me up and kill my sorrow
Wake me up!
Wake me up!
released February 15, 2017
Alex Thor - Voice, Keys, Music and Lyrics
Sergey Golovin - Guitar, Music, Production