Rob Guz: The Sixteen Men Of Tain - "chord principle"

This is only the "basic chord" demonstration of this lovely tune; my rendition of it – that‘s all. I hope it could be useful for anyone, though.

In this video I’m using four Digitech 2101 GSP Studio Tube Processors, plugged into a mini PA – the "main" devices" in my guitar-rigg.
That 11-stringed guitar is my "main ax" since almost 20 years. The guitar was made by luthiers on my commission and from my performance requirement.
The tuning system, from "top to bottom" followed by string dimensions: g 0,007, d 0,010, bb 0,013, f 0,018w, C 0,026, G 0,036, D 0,046, G 0,060, Eb 0,074, D 0,074, C 0,074.

May the Holdsworthian Force be with you all …

The Sixteen Men Of Tain (A. Holdsworth), the "chord principle" behind the solo