Tom Geldschläger: Obscura "Akroasis" full ONE TAKE playthrough

Tom Fountainhead playing his guitar parts from the title track of Obscura´s "Akroasis" album in ONE LIVE TAKE without any overdubs. I deliberately chose a take that´s not 100% perfect for this, but which FELT right. Fuck overly processed metal music, fuck quantized and over-edited guitar parts, fuck fake playthroughs on youtube, fuck perfection-over-feel. We are NOT machines, deal with it, embrace your humanity! Thank you so much to Noyan Tokgözoğlu (drum programming) and Jacopo Rossi (fretless bass) for their time and talent and making this possible! All other parts re-recorded and mixed by Tom Fountainhead @ FountainheadHQ, berlin. Download Tom´s solo guitar stem from this video here and hear every little fuck-up, glitch and inconsistency, then let me know in the comments how much you think I suck ;-) Order your own Fountainhead signature guitar picks from !

Obscura "Akroasis" full ONE TAKE playthrough