Rob Guz: The Truth Will Always Be - Casio DG-20 guitar synth

In this video, my Casio DG-20 is plugged into my guitar-rigg – a mini PA. I’m using that rigg to both my guitars: that 11-stringed guitar on the left in the video (my main guitar since 20 years, custom made on my commission) and my Casio DG-20 synth guitar.
In this video, I’m using two sounds from the Casio DG-20: the chorus sound ("green" sound) about the "horn arr." and the trumpet sound (also "green" sound button) in the solo part. However, this two sounds are combined/mixed with other sounds from my guitar rigg.
I’m using four Digitech 2101 GSP Studio Tube Processors, the "main" sound devices" in my guitar-rigg, among many other sound "cans". I’m using channels (4 x left/right) with mixed sounds from each and one of this four Digetech 2101 Studio Tubes. (I’ll skip to explain the mixing of the sounds such as pan., clean/overdrive, chorus, delay, reverb etc – It will be … to many details on a very long "list". In short: 5 different kind of "basic" sounds, "working" together …

(Videos of me playing in that 11-stringed "ax" of mine is also to be found here on You-tube. Just search for "Rob Guz" or Robert Ritchiesse.)

Take care, all of you struggling musicians.

All the best

Robert "Rob Guz" Ritchiesse

The Truth Will Always Be (P. Metheny Group) performed on Casio DG-20 guitar synth by Rob Guz