Rob Guz: . Holdsworth’s Synthaxe-solo in Sand and Looking Glass and Zone jam

A demo. by Rob Guz of the dim. scale in A. Holdsworth’s Synthaxe-solo in Sand

This video is only a study, "jamming" and practice "diary" video, not a performance video. The purpose of this video is to (hopefully) inspire others to study and practice Allan’s music – nothing more than that.

That 11-stringed guitar is my "main ax" since almost 20 years. The guitar was made by luthiers on my commission and from my performance requirement.
The tuning system, from "top to bottom" followed by string dimensions: g 0,007, d 0,010, bb 0,013, f 0,018w, C 0,026, G 0,036, D 0,046, G 0,060, Eb 0,074, D 0,074, C 0,074.

Jamming on the theme of Looking Glass and Zone (A. Holdsworth) on 11-stringed "ax" by Rob Guz