Al Joseph: The Right Mindset Behind Endorsements

VIP SCHOOL (consulting/counseling):

Endorsements, record labels, manufacture deals, etc are all well and good, I have all of these going on but why is it so hard for most to get to or even past this point? Our minds are playing tricks on us 24/7, highlighting details that we have no business even thinking about, and even worse, we're making life decisions based on these false assumptions. This is called a success barrier. It encompasses all of our inner beliefs about the things we think we deserve in life.

You're mindset as to how you're approaching your career might be ruining your chances at unhinged success. I remember when I was first starting out how many social/business mistakes I was making and how my behavior just 'made things harder' to move up. Geez I'm probably I'm still exhibiting behaviors even now that are making things harder and harder for me even right now.

It's important to run this audit because contrary to popular opinion, we're all getting no younger. It's time to focus and learn how to implement new systems in our lives to create openings that lead to success. Not just learn them either, implement them!

I'm going to paint a few scenarios for you that'll show you the mindset you should have moving up in your career. I'm going to take you inside the minds of the winners and companies of the industry. If you're looking for a quick and easy tip thing this is not for you. This is for the serious career makers here. So pay close attention and LISTEN most of all. Remember, you brain doesn't like change so try to focus and grab hold of the information that you feel helps you!

the Right Mindset Behind Endorsements