Al Joseph: VIP Skype Mentorship Offer!

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Welcome to our VIP Classroom. This feature is for serious musicians looking to finally get ahead in their music, musicianship, production, and career. And we’ve finally completed a platform that can make that happen for you.

Just think of this service as Skype Sessions on steroids. Our goal is for you to improve, which is why based on the subjects we cover during our sessions, you'll receive immediate and complete access to ALL of the our lessons, backings, and academia when you sign up for 1 or more Skype Sessions. So if we're covering for instance guitar techniques then you'll have full access to our ChopBuilders, TabPacks, and backing tracks included. If we're covering songwriting or polishing your music then you'll get free access to our complete Ultimate Producer/Composer packs and so on.

It's all about creating the best learning experience possible for our fans and this is the ultimate learning experience a band can give.

All you’ll have to do is sign up with one of three subjects in mind as a base for the routine and road map I’m going to create for you. We cover guitar techniques like speed picking and fretboard visualization, or we can cover composition in just about every form imaginable, or we can talk more music production like engineering, videography, and social media strategies. Whatever you need to learn I’m 100% sure if it involves career building, we have the knowledge you need right here.

We also included our “Diamond Bundle” as an add-on for those of you who desire for us to actually produce your projects. We do it all here, engineering, videography, social media marketing, and much more as an option.

The next thing to do is choose a plan. We offer three options for Skype Bundles. Silver is for one at a time to which you’ll still get full access to our site products and collections. In our gold pack you’ll get the same with a bundle of 4 Skype lessons for the month. And finally our platinum option which gives you 8 Skype lessons which would be two meetings a week or we can spread them out to your liking.

We’ve got what you need right here. Enough frustrating plateaus and road blocks. We’ve spent our entire lives overcoming these obstacles with high level proficiency. Now it’s time for you to finally experience what it means to be the master of your music and career as a musician. Thanks for watching, make sure to subscribe to our mailing list for updates and know of course slots are filling up so act quickly and get ready to advance to the next level in your career.

Cheers 🍻