Lee Luland, Daniele Gottardo: 'Eyes of Orpheus'

Lee Luland, Daniele Gottardo: 'Eyes of Orpheus'

In-studio performance of ‘Eyes of Orpheus’, featuring a mind-blowing guest solo from one of my favourite musicians, Daniele Gottardo!

This track is from my debut instrumental album 'ZODIAC' out now!

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"This piece was inspired by the tale of Orpheus and the Underworld. It features many musical textures depicting the various points in the story. From melancholy to intense riffing, I wanted the song to represent Orpheus (soaring melodies), his wife Eurydice (serene orchestral elements) and Hades/Underworld (odd scales and time signatures). Having Daniele Gottardo guest on the track was a real honour as he is one of my biggest influences!"

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LEE LULAND - 'Eyes of Orpheus' [Guitar Playthrough] feat Daniele Gottardo