Adrian Weiss: Summer Drive (in different time)

Melodic Instrumental Rock Guitar Song with melodic shredding by Adrian Weiss - inspired mainly by Joe Satriani (Summer Song) and Steve Vai (The Crying Machine):
Summer Drive is the opening song from my first melodic guitar instrumental rock solo album BIG TIME. This melodic shred guitar solo instrumental is strongly inspired by players like Steve Vai (The Crying Machine), Joe Satriani (Summer Song) and John Petrucci, at times incorporating different techniques like speed picking, tapping, legato shred and sweep picking.
It features melodic rock guitar playing, melodies mixed with technical playing (melodic shredding, speed picking, legato shred) within a high speed guitar solo, inspired also by instrumentals of Greg Howe, Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore and quite a few others. The main focus of the song is on the melodies though.

Links to more melodic guitar instrumental rock music on my albums:

Drums - Lars Zehner
Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars - Demian Heuke
Bass - Jan Ristau
All Lead and Solo Guitars - Adrian Weiss

This song was composed with Demian Heuke.

ADRIAN WEISS // SUMMER DRIVE [Guitar Playthrough - Official Video] [Rock Guitar Instrumental]