Brian May, Stu Hamm, Ron Thal, Alex Skolnick, Cameron Brown: ALL STAR band Brian May Hammer To Fall Challenge

The Brian May challenge has been accepted by a Goliath sized ALL STAR lineup. presents Hammer To Fall.

From the very disturbed mind of Jason McNamara: @jasonvideomusictokyo
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Marco Minnemann: @marcominnemann

Alex Skolnick: @alexskolnick

Stu Hamm: @stueybass

Jeff Scott Soto: @jeffscottsotoofficial

Ron Bumblefoot Thal: @bumblefoot

Debby Holiday: @debbyholiday

James Lomenzo @bassmonsterr

Kenny Aronoff: @kennyaronoff

Cameron Brown: @cammybee1

Justin Murphy: @durtymurphy

Simon Croft: @croft_simon

Sound masterfully mixed by: Jay Hannon: @jay7over8

and of course our class clown Arejay Hale: @arejayhale

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Edited by Jason McNamara the bald Aussie Dreamer in this video.