Isao Fujita: ESP Guitars: SNAPPER-7 ISAO Custom "RAIDEN-7" Demonstration

Launched the crimson ESP SNAPPER-8 ISAO Custom “RAIDEN-8” and ESP SNAPPER-7 ISAO Custom “RAIDEN-7”, the first signature models that ISAO, a pioneer of multi-string guitarists in Japan, loves. I will. SNAPPER-7 ISAO Custom "RAIDEN-7" is an alder on the body, hard maple on the neck, ebony on the fingerboard, position marks are white pearl oysters on the top surface, and a dark stage on the side is a luminous material with good visibility on a dark stage Luminlay is used. The neck is bolt-on jointed to the body, and the joint is treated smoothly to improve playability. The neck set plate uses T-5 Ultimate Access made of titanium. The peg is GOTOH MG-T type, and the bridge is equipped with a lock type tremolo floyd rose. The pickup is a combination of Seymour Duncan's modern style humbuckers NAZGUL-7 Amt and SENTIENT-7 Amt, which are directly mounted on the body. Controls consist of a master volume, a lever pickup selector, and a pickup variation switch. The bright red anodized aluminum pickguard and RAID EN RED color have an overwhelming presence. It seems that the spirit of guitarist ISAO has taken shape! As an individual, I have been playing various types of 7-string guitars for about 20 years. Among them, the ESP SNAPPER's are overwhelmingly easy to play, and the response and overtone of the sound during recording and live use are even more impressive. I want everyone to experience the crimson lightning-like sound! You can't play it 3 times faster, but it's one of the best motivational guitars. ── From ISAO ESP, ISAO

ESP Guitars: SNAPPER-7 ISAO Custom "RAIDEN-7" Demonstration