Sanjay Kumar, Arenlong Longkumer: Foi - Ariadnes Thread

Thanks to @Arenlong Longkumer (That's his channel link) for being a part of this song! Fun story - I saw him play the clean section of this song on a facebook video and I immediately knew this collaboration was meant to be. I messaged him and asked him if I could build a song around that clean piece of music of his. He said sounds great and it eventually lead to this in a matter of 1 weeks time. LOVE IT when songs write themselves. Please check out his work if you haven't already.

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Guitar, Drum Programming , Bass - Sanjay Kumar
Guest - Arenlong Longkumer
Stem Master by Luke Martin (Versed Audio)

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Foi feat Arenlong Longkumer - Ariadnes Thread (Guitar Playthrough)