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Scott Stine confirms that he's still in the land of the living. Like some other top players Scott has been suffering pain for the past several years. The pain has been growing in his arms radiating down to his wrists which was deteriorating his playing ability. So, the CD project he started last year was shelved for a while. He finally found a doctor who narrowed down his problem: Radial Tunnel Syndrome, which is a distant cousin to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Scott does have some "new" stuff out - the version of "Frankenstein" that Doug Stapp and Scott recorded has been released on a compilation CD. Guitar Masters Vol. 1 from BHP Music was released last month. Here's a link:

Scottis also planning on going to the NAMM show in Austin Texas this Summer. Doug and Scott may be playing Frankenstein along with some stuff from both of our solo CDs at the show. (video people please note!!)

His church is just recording another live worship CD - very guitar driven stuff. super guitarist, now producer, Derek Taylor is mixing and mastering and it is slated for a September 2007 release.

Scott is is hoping to jump back into working on my new CD project soon.

Scotts Chops from Hell clip

Scott Stine has completely revamped his web site. Check it out because you can now find his video | music samples | discography | blog

The other news is he is now in the process of working on a new instrumental CD. The CD will feature Don Abshire on bass and Josh Cuadra on drums and was recorded at the Scott's church. He had 13 songs ready to go and after a couple of rehearsals, we got the rhythm tracks done in two sessions. The CD was recorded using two computers running Cubase and Ableton Live. Scott will also be doing video lessons soon.

For fans of the old web site design

A great new interview with Scott Stine on Essential Guitarist:
You're just being a juke box anyway, no one is paying attention. The latest gig I've been doing is a latin gig with a friend of mine where I'm using the 8-string.

Also check out the "Chops from Texas" guitar lessons.

I forgot Scott's impressive work with his brother Brett and Derek Taylor, on the progresssive guitar laden "Eniac Requiem - Space Eternal Void",

sample here

Scott Stine started playing guitar at the age of 16. His initial influences include players like Paul Gilbert, Tony MacAlpine, Michael Lee Firkins and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Scott's playing caught the ear of uber shredder from Texas, Derek Taylor. Together they firmed Tommy Lamey, which later became Crimeny. Scott Stine recorded with Crimeny in 1993.

Scott’s breakthrough instrumental album, Broke, was released in 1994. He has also recorded with John West and a number of rock, jazz, blues and country bands.

Currently he works as the instrumental music director at his church, Grace Community Church in Plano, Texas, as well as playing jazz guitar in the style of Charlie Hunter. Check out his web site for a discography ">full discography

I highly recommend Scott Stine Broke, particularly the tracks hyper shred of "Self Indulgence" and the super fusion of "Next" which features brother Brett Stine. Some other music samples on his web site

You can also get his lessons on CD ROM: Interview with a psycho from Texas from chops from hell. Also check out the chops from hell fee lessons: