News: top 10 instrumental cds contains 4 truth in shredding guitar stars.

Jose De Castro, Prashant Aswani, Marco Sfogli, Krzyszt of Misiak mke it into the top 10 with their releases, good luck to them all!

We're excited to announce the 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Award nominees. (Click the buttons below to see who made it.) The nominees will take a second to load. If you entered, be sure to check the entire pages to make sure you didn't miss a nomination. To read our explanation about Genre Selection, click here.

Instrumental Rock Album Nominees

Artist Name Location
Andreas Kapsalis Trio Andreas Kapsalis Trio IL
Conversation Jose de Castro Spain
Electric Roots Nicola Costa Italy
Evolution The Link Quartet OR
Reactivated Clark, Pauken, Ricketts OH
Revelation: Fully Loaded Prashant Aswani CA
Room 137 Curtis IL
The Alchemists II The Alchemists II UK
There's Hope Marco Sfogli Finland
Wydaje mi sie... Krzyszt of Misiak Poland